The Ethoscope Platform

The Ethoscope Platform is a collection of interconnected tools allowing biologists to design experiments, acquire and analyse large amounts of behavioural data.

It features :

  • A completely free and open-source set of tools -- software was built on top of GNU/Linux and python. Ethoscopes are made of raspberry pis along with custom 3d printed parts.
  • Real time video tracking -- this allows experimenters to individually deliver stimuli according to the behaviour of the animals.
  • A modern web-interface to control multiple devices effectively.
  • High-throughput detailed post-hock analysis -- thanks to the R package rethomics.
  • A modular design -- it is straightforward to modify both devices and software and create new experimental paradigms.
  • A high scalability -- multiple, inexpensive, ethoscopes can run in parallel on the same platform

The aim of this website is to describe the platform, explain how it can be set-up and develop a community of users.